VERATEK, in the industry has been established with a centralized focus to develop and manufacture products for stored energy requirements in the Domestic Industrial Segments and Deliver Service to achieve the Absolute Customer Satisfaction Veratek has a well-developed core team having rich expertise to research, develop deliver products of alternate Power requirement to suit each customized needs.


At Veratek We believe in- Continious innovation and change.

This believe help us to achieve our goals and perform at high levels.

Our guiding values are :

  • Perfomance
  • Customer first
  • Ethical practices
  • Valuing people

These four core values will help us in :

Managing and Meshing stake holders expectations and provide integration of the effort we undertake.


We at Veratek are committed to provide full satisfaction to our customers with respect to Quality, Reliability and Delivery and attain Quality Leadership for all products that are offered by us. We shall achieve this goal by:

  • Establishing a Quality Management System conforming to International Standards.
  • Institutionalizing a culture of "Getting it Right, First Time."
  • Upgrading our Technology continuously to meet expectations of customers.
  • Planned and structured Training and Development Programmes for all employees.
  • Creating an environment which encourages team effort and where each individual's contribution is recognized and valued.