Veratek is dedicated to provide Power Back Up Solutions to the Industry, Automotive & Domestic Sectors. We can deliver solutions to all need of alternate power through continual research of the best use of available natural resources clubbed with an innovative edgeand thereby manufacturing the best Industrial & Domestic application Batteries. Continuous evaluation of our designs and specification through research,analysis and studies serves to optimize the performance and cost effectiveness of our Products

Veratek is one-stop outsource station for Battery Producers and Suppliers where they can get a quality product in their own name without investing in infrastructure and skilled manpower.

We can offer an extensive range of Batteries & Accessories including Automotive, Stationary Tubular, Stationary Thick Plate, VRLA, Tubular Gel, Low Maintenance, Motive Power & Thyristor Controlled Chargers. At Veratek, we do not aim to sell the product but provide the best return for your investment in our products. Regular training programs coupled with personal commitments facilitates our team to enhance their knowledge of the product thus in turn maintaining our high Selling and Servicing Standards.